Jeff Uban: Compositions

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Ensemble Pieces                                                                                                 

Rhythm In Motion (Ensemble for 5 Trumpets)

Big Band Charts

Right Place, Wrong Time  (sound clip on jukebox)
Ya Got Sumpin' To Say
But Not For Me (arr.)

Combo Charts

Right Place, Wrong Time  (CD)
Shift in Times                 (CD)
Clever Trevor                  (CD)
This, That N'More           (CD)
Keepin' it Real                (CD)
My Love, My Pain           (CD)
Last Goodbye                (CD)
Monk-eying Around        (CD)
You Thought You Had Me


A Better Day (trumpet, violin, piano)

Brass Quintet

The Rise and Fall of a Hero


Your Love Has Lifted Me
Maybe In Time
Love Broke Me Down


Backroads to Heaven              (co-wrote)
Slow Dance on Your Bed         (


You Are My Strength
We Gotta Believe
You've Been Good
All songs copyright (Jeff Uban) UbanMusic (ASCAP)